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Your Support Makes Difference

CometX is a non-profit organization with years of work for the Czech, Slovak, and Polish communities in Switzerland. We volunteer our time and enthusiasm to the CometX’s mission. However, our activities require long-term funding. While we’re often successful at obtaining external funds, we have to provide our own contributions and third-party funding as well to be able to continue all of our projects. Your donation will be spent on our statutory activities, e.g., helping us to cover our admin costs (such as running this website, accountant fees, and legal advice) or contributing to projects’ budgets (Annual Symposium, Beer POTLA.CHs, workshops, etc.). Even the smallest amounts matter!

If you would like to make your donation, please make a transfer to this account:

CometX - Come and Meet Expats
Account number: 0269 00130926.01K
IBAN: CH98 0026 9269 1309 2601 K


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Thank you for your donation!

From your donations, we are able to sustain and run all of the crucial aspects of our organization, ensuring that we can continue to carry out our mission and provide the services that we offer including:

Speakers and events: With your support, we are able to host a wide range of speakers and events that promote our cause and engage the community. 

Operational expenses: You help us to cover the day-to-day expenses that are required to keep our organization running smoothly. This includes things like rent, utilities, running this website, legal advice and equipment costs.

Outreach and engagement: Finally, your donations help us to reach out and engage with new audiences, helping us to spread the word about our mission and work, and build new partnerships and relationships. 

If you would like your donation to support a specific project, please get in touch with us using the form below.

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