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2nd Slovak and Czech Annual Symposium

9. 9. 2022, ETH Zurich, Campus Hönggerberg

Thanks for your support! Registration is closed for now, but we look forward to seeing you next September at

3rd Slovak and Czech Annual Symposium in 2023



9. 9. 2022

  • Connect with professionals from business, industry, and academia.

  • Expand your network and strengthen existing relationships.

  • Hear inspiring and motivating talks.

  • Join networking roundtables and evening party.


ETH Zurich

Registration (no refunds)

20 CHF

Registration is closed now

About the Symposium

The Slovak and Czech Annual Symposium is a semi-formal, one-day conference that brings together Czech and Slovak students, expats, and professionals in Switzerland, as well as anyone interested in our culture. Participants can learn from respected academics and professionals from various fields and network with our speakers and other attendees. This year we cover topics from various fields such as natural sciences, computer science, business, and personal development. The 2022 Annual Symposium features two keynote talks, six roundtables, and elevator pitches for students on a range of topics including research & development, economics, international relations, life in Switzerland, and social issues. Join us for a day full of inspiring talks and stimulating discussions, and take the opportunity to connect with like-minded students and professionals who are interested in shaping the local community. Happy networking to alll

General Information


  • One-day conference

  • Multi-disciplinary program

  • Student presentations

  • 5, 7, 15 minutes long talks

  • Life experience talks from experts of various fields

  • Networking roundtable discussions

  • Networking afterparty

  • Official languages: Czech and Slovak

  • English may be used for oral and poster contributions

  • Guests from the Czechia, Slovakia, and Switzerland

  • 9th September 2022 from 08:00

  • Venue: ETH Zurich - Hönggerberg Campus

Building HCI, Room G3

Vladimir-Prelog-Weg 10

8093 Zürich

  • Registration until 9th August 2022

Registration fee - 20 CHF

  • Abstract Submission until 9th July 2022

  • Snacks and drinks included

  • COVID-19 measures do not apply


Star-Studded Lineup: Symposium Program

Get ready for a packed schedule of talks elevator pitches and networking tables at the 2nd Slovak and Czech Annual Symposium! Our program is filled with more than 20 of talks covering science, life experience, education and motivation s and featuring Pavol Čekan, Lenka Zdeborová, Michal Juríček, and Daniel Stach who are leaders in their fields. In addition to these exciting presentations, we have also included coffee breaks, networking tables, and an evening party for attendees to build new connections and expand their knowledge. We hope you will join us for this exciting and unprecedented event for Czech and Slovak expat community in Switzerland.

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Networking Tables

Jan Kovařík.jpg

Jan Kovařík

Alcon Pharmaceuticals

Jana Šponarová.jpg

Jana Šponarová

CSO in Nebion AG

Jana Jarolimkova.jpg

Jana Jarolimkova

Insurance in Switzerland, Visana


Václav Šulista

Career Couch &

Honorary Consul

Jan Mastný.jpg

Jan Mastný

Renewable Energie Expert


Michal Konštacký

MD in Luzsana Biotechnology


Jana Plananská

e-Mobility Entrepreneur


CometX Roundtable

Expat Community Builder

Andrea Drieotmska.jpg

Andrea Drietomská

Founder/CSO Marketing Waters

Venue Details

ETH Zurich

Hönggerberg CampusHCI G3

Vladimir-Prelog-Weg 10

8049 Zurich

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Meet the Sponsors Who Make SCAS 2022 Possible

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