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Slovak and Czech Annual Symposium

The SCAS 2023 was a networking blast for more than 150 Czech and Slovak expats. We are looking forward to seeing you at the 4th Slovak and Czech Annual Symposium or other events.

Thank you for being our supporter.

About the Symposium

The Slovak and Czech Annual Symposium is a semi-formal, one-day conference that brings together Czech and Slovak students, expats, and professionals in Switzerland, as well as anyone interested in our culture. Participants can learn from respected academics and professionals from various fields and network with our speakers and other attendees. This year we cover topics from various fields such as natural sciences, computer science, business, and personal development. The 2022 Annual Symposium features two keynote talks, six roundtables, and elevator pitches for students on a range of topics including research & development, economics, international relations, life in Switzerland, and social issues. Join us for a day full of inspiring talks and stimulating discussions, and take the opportunity to connect with like-minded students and professionals who are interested in shaping the local community. Happy networking to all!

All Are Welcome: No Exceptions!

The Slovak and Czech Annual Symposium (SCAS) invites participants to share their work, experiences in Switzerland, or opinions on current topics with a public audience. To ensure the quality of our program, please submit a short abstract or summary via email.

Students and Academics: Young students and scientists are encouraged to share their research with a non-expert audience through an oral talk or poster presentation.

Freelancers and Companies: Present your business, career success, or future visions. Public outreach on social media and on-site presentation with banners and corporate gifts can be included. Registration fees are discussed individually. Contact us.

Non-profit Organizations: Share your activities at SCAS to bring public awareness and promote your activities within our community. Posters, booths, or talks - anything.

All Compatriots: Share your life journey or Swiss experience with a rapid or regular talk.

Unleash Your Potential and Share Your Stories at Our Conference


Each oral presentation is 15 minutes in length, including time for questions and discussion. This is a great opportunity to share your research, career achievements, or business with a broad, non-expert audience. To ensure the success of your presentation, we recommend adapting your content to be accessible to a general audience.


If you have a visual or interactive project that doesn't require much verbal explanation, a poster presentation at the Slovak and Czech Annual Symposium (SCAS) may be the perfect fit for you! This format is particularly suitable for students, start-ups, and non-profit organizations looking to make a quick, high-impact contribution to the conference. So don't hesitate to show us what you've got during the all-day accessible poster session!

Elevator Pitch

It's time to shine! Students and freelancers can elevate their work with an Elevator Pitch. This 5-minute talk is the perfect opportunity to grab the attention of the audience and stand out from the crowd. The pitches will take place during the morning and afternoon sessions, so you'll have plenty of time to network during the day. Don't miss out on this chance to take your career to new heights!

Networking Table

Join us for the networking tables and make valuable connections while enjoying coffee and small snacks during the afternoon break. This is a great opportunity for professionals to connect with fans, customers, or followers in a personal way and explain their activities to a public audience. If you are interested in actively participating in a networking table, please indicate this during registration and we will be in touch.

See What You Missed from Former SCAS Years

Get a feel for the magic of our events with our photo gallery! From captivating atmosphere to unforgettable moments, our collection of pictures and videos will give you a taste of what our events are like. Even if you weren't able to attend in person, you can still experience the excitement through our photos and videos. So take a look and see why our events are so special. Gallery

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