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About Us

Our Mission

We are an active group of expats with Slovak or Czech roots and experience the feeling of being at home again. Our events bring together a diverse group of compatriots from students to experts in fields ranging from science, management, arts, academics, freelancers, HR, and representatives from both large and small companies. Say goodbye to loneliness and find new energy, ideas, and friends at our events. Download our non-profit organization statutes for more information here.

Why join CometX community?

Sharing talent, knowledge, and motivation

Become a part of community of talented and inspiring people.

Build yout network of contacts and friends.

Stay up-to-date about upcoming events.

Present and show your talent and story at our events.

Help us to represent our home countries.

... and much more ...

CometX Newsletter

Welcome in CometX!

Who can join?


Our meetings are events of interdisciplinary interaction on all levels from undergraduates to professors as well as partners from the private sector and companies. You can feel the essence of the academic environment at the annual symposium - SCAS.


Our community is full of students, young talented people, and skilled experts from all different fields. We are excited to help you to find more partners and boost your business in Switzerland.


Having a start-up idea? Among us, you can find inspiration and motivation to scale-up your business. Running a start-up is energy demanding and stressful. Take a break and get new energy at our events. Where you can also grab more attention and boost your business.


With us, you meet new businesses, get scientific partners, and compare your newest ideas with the achievements of others. Find young talented people and partners with CometX.

Students and Expats

As a student or expat, you can meet older students from other universities willing to share their experiences. Find new collaborations or talk about the possibilities of your future career, not only with people from the academic sphere.


Doing photography, literature, drama, or painting? We would be proud to share your work with Slovak and Czech communities. With us, you can find more fans, supporters, and partners.

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