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1st Beer POTLA.CH

A Public Debate
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Why connecting with your countrymen matters

March 12, 2022

The first edition of Beer POTLA.CH was a night to remember. The event was organized with the aim of bringing together people and foster a public discussion within our community. The theme of the evening was "Why Meet Countrymen in Switzerland?" and the goal was to discuss diffent ways of meeting new people and cons and pros of having a strong expat community abroad.

At 1pm, beer enthusiasts, volunteers, and those eager to meet the organizers and other attendees arrived and mingled over a glass of good beer. At 3pm, the event officially kicked off with a brief introduction, followed by a lively discussion about the importance of connecting with one's countrymen even when living abroad. We had two beer breaks during the 3 hours long debate.

The attendees shared their experiences and perspectives on the topic and debated among each other. The event provided a platform for attendees to network, share their stories, and forge new connections. The lively and friendly atmosphere made it easy for attendees to open up and have meaningful conversations with one another.

Overall, the first edition of Beer POTLA.CH was a resounding success, and a testament to the importance of connecting with one's countrymen even when living abroad. The event provided a space for attendees to connect, discuss, and reflect, and left a lasting impact on all who attended. We are looking forward to more Beer POTLA.CHs!

Head of Strategy & Operations in Alnylam Pharmaceuticals - Olga Křičková
Biologist - Petr Svoboda
Psychiatrist - Matej Pribiš
Marketing Expert - Tomáš Petrek


📆 Date: March 12th, 2022 at 1:00 PM
📍 Location: CzechIN Zurich - Czech House
Boulevard Lilienthal 48, Glattpark, 8152

👤 Registration by: November 7th, 2022
💰 Admission: 20 CHF
💰 30 CHF with registration on site, payment on site

🌭 Light refreshments included, food available for purchase
🍺 Pilsner beer will be available for a small fee


11:00 AM - Doors of CzechIN Czech House Zurich open, start of registration
1:00 PM - Registration Opening
3:00 PM - Start of the 2nd Beer POTLA.CH
6:00 PM - End of Debate, Start of free networking
9:00 PM - Official end of the 21st Beer POTLA.CH
23:30 PM - Closing of CzechIN Czech House Zurich

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