Attendees of SCSM, Zurich 2021

Alexander Micovčin, Slovak Ambassador

ETH Zurich, Venue

Prof. Petr Čejka during his talk

Dr. Michal Konštacký, selfie

Dr. Michaela Oborská, ETH Zurich

Alena Pajasová, Czech Club Zurich

SCSM RollUp - Connecting expats


Jan Mastný during his lecture

Coffee Breaks, Hospitality

ETH Main Building, SCSM Venue

Moments from SCSM, Zurich 2021

Afterparty in Andorra Bar

Michal Konštacký with happy smile after his talk

Promotional Gifts

Organizing Committee

Auditorium, ETH Zurich

Michaela Dohnálková, The Best Talk Award Ceremony

Martin Langpaul sharing his experience, ABRA

Michal Konštacký sharing his life experience

Audience, SCSM Venue

Prof. Čejka's talk about DNA repair mechanisms

Irena Valentová, Czech Deputy Ambassador

We are Slovak and Czech MeetUp

Dr. Michaela Oborská, ETH Zurich

Name Badges

Jana Šponarová during her talk, NEBION