Slovak and Czech Annual Symposium

9. 9. 2022, Zurich, ETH Hönggerberg

Thank you all for being with us! We are looking forward to

3rd Slovak and Czech Annual Symposium in 2023


Meet people from business, industry and academia

Make new cooperation and strengthen the current ones

Inspiring stories of other expats, their projects or innovative activities

Enjoy networking roundtables and evening party in LochNess Pub


9. 9. 2022 at 08:00


ETH Zurich - Hönggerberg Campus

Registration fee (non-refundable)

20 CHF

Registration is closed now.


Slovak and Czech Annual Symposium is semi-formal one-day conference, which aims to bring together Czech and Slovak students, expats, and professionals in Switzerland, as well as people with interest in our culture. Participants learn about key topics, challenges, and achievements from respected academics and professionals from different fields including, natural sciences, computer science, business, personal development and much more. Main emphasis is placed to students short talks and networking opportunities to personally meet our speakers and find new friends or partners.

The 2022 Annual Symposium will feature two keynote talks, six roundtables, and elevator pitches for students on topics ranging from research & development, economics, international relations, Swiss life, social topics as well as opening and closing speeches held by government representatives.

Come and join us for a day full of inspiring talks, and stimulating discussions with an opportunity to meet like-minded students and professionals interested in shaping the local community and our society. Happy networking to all!

General Information

  • One-day conference

  • Multi-disciplinary program

  • Student presentations

  • Life experience talks

  • 'Roundtables' discussion

  • Emphasis on networking

  • Official languages - Czech and Slovak

  • English can be used for oral and poster contributions

  • Guests from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Switzerland


  • Date: 9. September 2022 at 08:00

  • Venue: ETH Zurich - Hönggerberg Campus

Building HCI, Room G3

Vladimir-Prelog-Weg 10

8093 Zürich


  • Registration deadline on 9. August 2022

  • Registration fee: 20 CHF

  • Snacks and welcome drinks included

  • no COVID-19 measures apply

Plenary Speakers

Daniel Stach

Journalist, Czech Television (online)

Pavol Čekan

CEO/Founder, MultiplexDX

Lenka Zdeborová

Computer Science, EPFL

Michal Juríček

Organic Chemistry, UZH

Special Guests

We are happy to announce that representatives of both the Czech and Slovak Embassy will join us this year again. It is our great honor to welcome:

Ms. Kateřina Fialková, Czech Ambassador to Switzerland and Liechtenstein, The Embassy of the Czech Republic in Bern

Mr. Alexander Micovčin, Slovak Ambassador to Switzerland and Liechtenstein, The Embassy of the Slovak Republic in Bern

Ms. Linda Kapustová Helbichová, Economic Diplomat, The Embassy of the Slovak Republic in Bern

Mr. Zdeněk Eliáš, Economic and Trade Specialist, The Embassy of the Czech Republic in Bern


Martin Langpaul

Youth for Understanding

Zuzana Šedivá

ETH Zurich, Groam

Michal Pločica

Zahnartz Plocica

Vladimíra Petráková

Czexpats in Science

Petr Přidal


Lucie Podešvová

Institute for Research in Biomedicine

Blanka Campbell

Nutrition and Wellbeing Entrepreneur

Tomáš Fiala and Alena Budínská

ETH Zurich

Alena Pajasová

Czech Club Zurich

Tomáš Petrek


Lucia Janíčková

University of Fribourg

Gleb Kopylov

Positrigo, Mechanical Engineer

Juraj Berezný

Freelance Photographer

Marta Šlaufová

University Hospital Zurich

Juraj Malinčík

University of Basel

Hanka Hurábová

Our Swiss Experience

Juraj Sučík

Consultant in Mandiant

Štefan Farsang

University of Geneva


Václav Šulista

Personal Branding

Jan Kovařík

Alcon Pharmaceuticals

Jana Plananská

e-Mobility Entrepreneur

Jan Mastný

Renewable Energie

Jana Šponarová

Nebion AG

CometX Roundtable

Expat Community

Jana Jarolimkova

Insurance in Switzerland

Andrea Drietomska

Marketing Waters

Michal Konštacký

Luzsana Biotechnology


Terézia Horváthová


Lenka Slámová

University of Geneva

Ondřej Pastva

Institute of Hematology and Blood Transfusion Prague

Klára Matoušková

University of Massachusetts Amherst

Peter Lenárt

University of Bern

Tereza Váňa

Entrepreneur, Artist, Designer

Petra Kolaříková

Entrepreneur, Artist

Jana Vaňková

Expat Community

Jan Wyzula

University of Fribourg

Jan Čapek

Paul Scherrer Institute

Aleš Hrabec

ETH Zurich


Any participant can also register to share their work, life in Switzerland or general opinions on actual topics beneficial to a public audience. To preserve political neutrality and the high quality of our program we kindly as you to write us a short abstract or summary via e-mail upon your registration.

All Compatriots - Sign up and share with us you life journey or Swiss experience in form of rapid or regular talk.

Students and Academics - We encourage young students and scientists to share their research in the form suitable for public, non-expert audience. We offer oral talk (15 min), short oral elevator pitch, or poster presentation.

Freelancers and Companies - The SCAS is a great opportunity to present your business, career success, or future visions. To present your work together with supporting our conference, we are happy to offer you a talk (15 min) or a roundtable (1.5 h) or a corporate booth. Public outreach at our social media platforms and on-site presentation with banners and corporate gifts is included. Corresponding registration fees apply.

Non-profit Organisations - To bring public awareness to your activities and maintain the mental health of our community, we are happy to share your activities at our conference. Posters, booths or talks available.

If you are interested in any form of presentation of your activities, please, register here and contact us via email or social media.


This is 15 minutes of exclusive time to reach the whole audience. This is a right choice if you want to share your research, career achievements or promote your business. More details about registration fees above.

Please note that the duration given to the oral presentation includes also time for questions and discussion. Be also aware that this symposium is multi-disciplinary event with broad non-expert audience. Please, prepare your presentation accordingly.


Showing more pictures or graphics? Having an active performance, which does not need many words? A poster is the right presentation type for everyone. Recommended for students, start-ups, or non-profit organizations. It is a time-saving and high-impact contribution to Slovak and Czech Annual Symposium.


During the afternoon coffee break, you will have a chance to enjoy, coffee, small snacks, and fruitful discussion with professionals in small groups. Perfect chance to strengthen your contacts as well as learn how you can pursue future activities.

As a professional, you have a unique chance to reach your fans, customers, or followers in a personal manner and better explain your activities to a public audience. During registration highlight you interest in Roundtable and we contact you back.

Elevator Pitches

This is a perfect opportunity for students and starting freelancers to elevate their work. This 5 minutes long rapid talk is the perfect choice for you. These pitches will find a place during both the morning and afternoon sessions to make sure you can network during coffee breaks and lunch.

Partners of SCAS 2022

Our History

With the first Slovak and Czech Scientific MeetUp being held in 2021 we have experienced immense growth in both the number of attendees, team members and public speakers. With the 80+ attendees at the conference even in time of the Covid-19 pandemic and 60+ attendees at Pivní PotlaCH in 2022 we are awaiting now even more participants in the upcoming 2023 conference featured by CometX Society.

Our focus with each event is to reach more people interested in debating and sharing their ideas and invite a variety of different speakers that can influence and share their personal stories. Throughout the years we have had the honour to have influential speakers such as Jana Šponarová, Václav Šulista, Petr Čejka, Michal Konštacký, Olga Křičková, Matej Pribiš, Tomáš Petrek and many more.

Annual Symposium, 2021

More than 57% of 96 registered persons attended SCSM 2021. In total, we welcomed more than 70 visitors.

The SCSM was primarily an academic meeting...BUT...with more than 42% visitors from industry and private sector.

We are happy to have a nice gender balance among speakers and in the audience.

Our website reached people in more than 35 countries from all around the world. Good to see that Switzerland and Czechia dominate.