CometX Events

Slovak and Czech Annual Symposium (formally named Slovak and Czech Scientific MeetUp) is the annual conference for Czech and Slovak expats and experts from all fields of business, academia, and industry. The conference is located at ETH Zurich. Last year we received more than 130 registrations.

Pivní POTLA.CH (Beer POTLAT.CH) Public and moderated debate on burning topics of Slovak and Czech community in Switzerland. With beer and snacks. First year took place in March 2021 in CzechIN Zurich - Český dům.

Free-time activities Hikes, BBQs, and sport events. All of this you can experience with us. Find out more, where and how you can attend one of our free-time activities and meet new friends with CometX.

Cooperative projects

Partners of Český klub Zurich and the cultural and art festival - Ahoj Festival, September 2022

Visit of high-school students at ETH Zurich. (Klvaň's Gymnasium and Kyjov Secondary Medical School), June 2022

Štátná návštěva prezidentky Zuzany Čaputovej (ETH Zurich), May 2022

Former events