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Who Buys Vintage Stereo Equipment Near Me

StereoBuyers is a family-run business in New York City, specializing in buying pre-owned high-end stereo and home audio equipment like amplifiers, receivers, pre-amplifiers, CD Players and more. We also have an office in Denver, serving Colorado audiophiles.

who buys vintage stereo equipment near me

If you are a businesses or individual looking to scale back, offload, upgrade, or otherwise get rid of your pre-owned stereo equipment, let us pick up your equipment and components - and pay you immediately for it.

We buy a wide variety of audio, video, and home theater equipment, including amplifiers, preamplifiers, speakers, home theater receivers, tuners, stereo receivers, integrated amplifiers, CD players, turntables, cassette decks, vacuum tubes, records, speaker cables, audio interconnects, and more.

If you have vintage audio equipment you would like to sell, simply email us with pictures, model list and asking price. We will review the information and make you an offer based on the physical condition of the equipment and its rarity. If you live near Levittown, Pennsylvania, you can bring the equipment by for us to inspect in person. If you live nowhere near Levittown, you can ship it to us. Shipping costs can be figured in with the purchase price if applicable.

Help us keep vintage audio alive and available for enthusiasts by selling us older stereo equipment you no longer use. If you are interested in a different piece of used stereo equipment, you can also see our vintage audio for sale.

Some of those manufactures have gone out of business. Other have been taken over by companies building lesser-quality components. But you can still find the vintage stereo gear from the 1950s through the 1970s at Getchell Amplifiers in Brownsburg,

"It's much more warm sounding. More musical sounding," Getchell explained. "You'd have to spend thousands of dollars now to equal a vintage piece of equipment you can get for $200 to $300 to get the same kind of sound quality and the same construction quality."

After tinkering with a RadioShack educational kit and a 1930s tube radio from his grandfather, Getchell said he was 12 or 13 when he built his first amplifier and was 17 when he made his first guitar amplifier for a 4-H project. Not long after that, he bought his first piece of vintage stereo gear at a Goodwill store was hooked by the sound quality.

Getchell started buying more vintage components to repair and sell on Ebay and CraigsList. He also continued making small, tube-powered guitar amps, but found a much larger market for the vintage stereo gear.

While there is always a wide selection of newly released vinyl records at Culture Shock, the shop also offers an extensive variety of well-conditioned used vinyl records and vintage audio equipment, providing a full-range of new releases, classics and rarities for all music lovers; As well as an authentic way to listen and enjoy. Always looking to expand on their impressive inventory, the Culture Shock team welcomes those are looking to sell their vintage audio equipment and vinyl from their collections!

This equation has meant that a lot of new online stereo shops and dealers have popped up, and the best of them refurbish and guarantee the equipment they sell. This is particularly crucial given that the machinery that powers vintage gear, although very solidly built, can be decades old.

Record Head has been serving customers in Milwaukee since 1972. We have managed to thrive in an age of big-box stores in part because we offer a level of expertise and customer service other retailers can not. When you buy new or used stereo equipment from us, you will be dealing with a professional who can make an informed recommendation that goes beyond the bottom line. We will work with you to match you with the right receiver, speaker, CD player, or turntable for your needs and your budget.

Our business is solely based on the premise of buying, selling and trading audio equipment over the past years. Yes, ALL kinds of audio equipment not just vintage audio. At one point we did buy video products such as DVD players, projection systems, screens and the like but sadly, no more. We try not to deal with video stuff anymore as this just gets too darn complicated with advancements in technology elevating each time you get a sales flyer.

Oh yeah, there IS NO TIME LIMIT ON STORE CREDIT. You can have it for years and suddenly decide to use it on anything we have in the store. YOU CANNOT CONVERT STORE CREDIT TO CASH! Also, please note; we do not buy car stereo equipment, stereo consoles, or televisions!

Essentially, we've been involved in the world of high fidelity for over 50 years. We don't claim to be anything more than those who appreciate the exceptional build quality and warmth of sound when it comes to analog stereo equipment. And, since even the 90's are now considered "vintage", we also carry some of the finer digital or digital/analog hybrid pieces as well. However, we only do simple surround sound and nothing made in China. We will never mislead you, lie to you or deal in unethical transactions.

Consider vintage analog and analog/digital hybrids...During the Late 60's through the very early 80's there was a huge audio market driven by the demand for quality high fidelity stereo gear. But, by the mid to late 80s', the audio industry was moving towards lower quality standards along with digital convenience, so the high priced market was drying up, and manufacturers were lowering costs and building systems that were offering high power but much lower in price.

Chances are, you have vintage stereo equipment and its media lying around in storage, but did you know it might be worth something? Audio Sound Solutions in East Rochester, New York, specializes in buying and selling vintage and modern music and old stereo equipment, such as speakers, amplifiers, equalizers, turntables, and tabletop radios. Hundreds of odd and unusual audio items from days gone by, such as, radio alarm clocks or current ipods. You will be amazed at what you will find when you stop by.

The Davenport location currently sells vintage stereo equipment, as will the Rock Island location. But the new store also sells music gear, such as vintage instruments, new accessories, and some recording gear. They will also buy and sell music and gear for money or store credit.

Vintage King is always on the hunt for hidden gems found in used and vintage gear. This includes items like microphones, monitors, consoles, outboard gear, Pro Tools systems and some digital equipment.

When buying vintage audio equipment more than 20 or 25 years old, there's a good chance the product will require service or refurbishment. If the company that originally made the product is still in business, check to see if they service their vintage gear. Sadly, Sony, Onkyo, NAD, Denon, Pioneer, JBL and so on rarely service their old products, but high-end brands like Audio Research, Ayre, Classe, Klipsch, McIntosh, Pass Labs, VPI, Simaudio, Vandersteen and Wilson Audio, to name a few, frequently do. When in doubt contact the manufacturer, and ask if they service their older products.

There's something about vintage stereo equipment that has an "old school cool" factor to it. From the often-found metal and wood receiver chassis with analog meters that come alive with your music to the two monolithic speakers that reproduce it, the simple elegance displayed in older receiver and speaker designs demands attention.

Using modern and legacy equipment together isn't unheard of, and is often a way to breathe new life into older gear. If you want to connect a CD player to a vintage receiver, you may want to consider picking up an external DAC for improved sound quality. Something small like the iFi ZEN DAC V2 is a good place to get started.

You can also use a dedicated stereo preamplifier in lieu of an external DAC. Parasound's NewClassic 200 Pre has plenty of analog and digital inputs as well as a 24-bit Burr-Brown DAC chip. Its sleek, low-profile form factor makes it a non-invasive addition to your older equipment.

If you've got some vintage gear and it's working fine, it's likely that your ears are accustomed to its sound. I say bring it into the modern age with some streaming equipment, like this Bluetooth adapter from Audioengine.

With all the technological advancements of the past few decades, it's never been easier to get better sound. But what if you want something from both worlds? There are some "legacy" brands, as I like to call them, that have continued to use vintage design concepts in their modern offerings, giving you a perfect blend of classic externals and contemporary internals. Yamaha's A-S series stereo integrated amplifiers are some of the first ones that come to mind. The A-S3200 is one of Yamaha's top-performing integrated amps that has a nice, vintage look. Its dual front-panel meters beckon back to the older stereo days where you could watch the meters playfully dance up and down with your music.

By Seth Sandronsky January 2020Steve Messinger, owner of Fly HiFi in East Sacramento, services, restores and sells vintage high-end stereo electronics, amplifiers, receivers and speakers made in the U.S. and Japan from the 1960s to the 1990s.

Fly HiFi, located at 4736 J St., is a by-appointment business. Messinger has about five to six customers a week who want to buy, sell and trade stereo equipment. He offers buyers a 30-day service warranty on all equipment in his shop.

We also sell new gear, exceptional newer stereo equipment that you can listen to before you buy. We strive to provide an authentic stereo store experience, with helpful, knowledgeable sales people who love this stuff as much as you do. Brands we carry include: Wharfedale, LEAK, HiFI Rose, TEAC, KLH, Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs, Tascam and more.

Stereo Lab has been repairing vintage audio equipment in Beechwold (Clintonville), since 1996. Generations have come to Stereo Lab to have their beloved gear cleaned and repaired. Our current tech staff have almost 150 years of experience between them, you can trust the staff at Stereo Lab to do it right. 041b061a72

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