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Glimpse Back - First Mix&Match

April 27, 2023


On Thursday of last week, the Novartis Campus in Basel was buzzing with energy and excitement as the CometX community gathered for the Mix&Match - Working in Biotechnology event. We were thrilled to welcome not only Czechs and Slovaks but also international expats from Greece, Italy, Germany, and beyond.

Glimpse Back - First Mix&Match

The main organizers, Adam M. and Aleš, kicked off the event with a warm welcome, followed by an engaging plenary talk from Prof. Radek Špíšek. He spoke about a new immunotherapy developed by SOTIO that can help fight cancer and how he and his team built a global biotechnology company in Prague. Sandra Lettlová, who is soon to become a mother, shared her recent experience of transitioning from academia to industry at HEMEX, while Václav Šulista gave a great talk on the basics of networking in the biotech and pharmaceutical industry. This proved that the "mixing" part of the Mix&Match event was essential and full of priceless insight.

After a short break, Tomáš Valena continued to "mixing topics" with a discussion on one of the hottest topics - artificial intelligence and its combination with healthcare. Michal Konštacký then shared his extensive experience from both sides of the healthcare industry and academia, offering a unique perspective on the lives of physicians and pharmacists. Lenka Bešše concluded the Mix&Match with her plenary talk, in which she shared her experience from the journey from Brno to St. Gallen and showcased her amazing results of the oncology research.

As the event drew to a close, Adam P., the CometX president, gave his final thanks, and everyone started our most beloved activity - networking at a nice apéro. The "matching with people" part of the event continued with an apéro, where attendees had the opportunity to network and discuss the various talks that had taken place. With many smiling faces, the group then moved to the nearby VoltaBräu Restaurant, where the conversations continued over more drinks and great food until late evening.

All in all, it was a fantastic event that showcased the best of biotechnology and proved that mixing different topics can lead to some truly inspiring discussions. Thank you to all who attended the Mix&Match event at Novartis Campus Basel. We would like to extend our appreciation to our partners and speakers for their contributions to the event, namely Richard Kapsa from SOTIO who brought invaluable help with the organization. We hope that you found the talks and networking sessions engaging and recommend our events to your friends and peers. We look forward to welcoming you all to future events. Your presence, engagement, and enthusiasm make our events a great success.

See you next time.

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